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The Elecbrakes electric brake controller is a top quality Aussie designed and manufactured Plug and Play Electric Brake Controller. It installs in minutes, is controlled by Bluetooth and is transferable between any of your vehicles and trailers.

Take this unit with you when you upgrade your vehicle and save on installation costs. Super smooth progressive brake control backed with full 2 year manufacturers warranty, what’s not to love?!

Want more info? Or do you want to speak to a human about this awesome product? Give Cam a call on 0407 685 418 or email enquiries@maketrax.com.au he’d be only too happy to help!


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The Elecbrakes electric brake controller brings a whole other level of unique practicality, flexibility and ease of use into the trailer brake controller market. It really is a Plug and Play installation.

This Aussie designed and manufactured fully progressive ADR compliant electric brake controller can be literally installed to any of your vehicles within minutes. This gives you the flexibility to swap between different vehicles and trailers. Therefore you take it with you when you sell your car. Or even lend your trailer to a family member or friend.

The control of the electric brake controller is by Bluetooth via a downloadable app. Simply connect and control via your cradle mounted smart phone. Or upgrade to the wireless Bluetooth Elecbrakes electric brake controller Remote. Once the controller is setup, adjustments are generally not necessary.

All other Electric Brake Controllers on the market have to be hard wired into the vehicle. Not only does this limit you to using just that vehicle to tow your trailer with electric brakes but you also have to add the cost of installation of the electric brake controller to your vehicle. Then when you sell that vehicle you lose your electric brake controller and have to start again.

The Elecbrakes electric brake controller is a top quality Australian owned and manufactured fully progressive electric brake controller. This means that you experience a safe and smooth braking experience when towing your trailer. The trailer brakes will be operated softer when you are braking slowly and progressively harder the harder you brake your vehicle! Not only is this safer but it will increase the longevity of your trailer brakes and components.


To complete your Plug and Play kit you will need to choose the relevant adapter that matches your vehicle and trailer plugs. You can simply select the correct adapter when adding this controller to your cart.



Of course you can also hard wire the unit onto the trailer draw bar to make it more permanent. This is a great option if you only have one trailer with electric brakes. It is a simple DIY wiring job into the back of your standard trailer plug. If you want to go down this path and you’re not confident with a little bit of wiring we’d be happy to install this for you. Just ask us for a quote!

If you choose this option you will not need the optional Plug and Play Harness during your checkout. The unit will come with a 1.5m leader to hardwire into your trailer plug.


The Warranty on this electric brake controller speaks volumes to it’s quality. With a full 2 year manufacturer warranty you can rest assured that you will be looked after in the unlikely event of an issue with your new controller.

The best endorsement of this product is that we found it through necessity for our Caravan and Camper Trailer HIRE fleet. We loved it so much that we wanted to support the product by selling it! You won’t be disappointed with this great quality unit, and fantastic after sales support by us at Make Trax backed by Elecbrakes.


Want more info? Or do you want to speak to a human about this awesome product? Give Cam a call on 0407 685 418 or email enquiries@maketrax.com.au he’d be only too happy to help!