Camping Downunder Reviews Make Trax and our Johnno’s Camper

Camping Downunder Hilux and Make Trax Johnno's Camper view of the Fleurieu

We were thrilled recently to host Paul from Camping Downunder, operator of the local SA 4WD Social Media and YouTube channel Camping Downunder.

Paul came to see us at our Lonsdale depot to check out our operation and then took off with one of our Johnno’s Camper Trailers for a 2 night getaway down the Fleurieu Peninsula.

During his visit he got Cam in front of the Camera for an interview and then recorded his trip for his YouTube channel, giving us his thoughts on the our Johnno’s Camper Trailer.

His video also checks out some local destinations, including the newly opening and exclusive Lessismore Farm at Myponga Beach. This awesome new tourist destination offers a VIP seat to their Farm to Plate experience with a day on the farm including locally sourced meals and cooking. Keep and eye out for a package deal we’re working on with Lessismore!)

Grab a bevvy, pull up a chair and check out Paul’s video on YouTube here.

Paul from Camping Downunder visits Make Trax and takes our Johnno’s Camper for a spin!

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