How to stay warm camping

How do I keep warm whilst camping in winter?

A question on everyone’s lips coming into Winter!

Camping in Winter in SA can be cold at night, especially as you head further North.

This shouldn’t put you off camping in Winter though as the rewards are plentiful!

Often the days are really beautiful with crisp clear blue skies, still conditions, and warm winter sun. Top this off with long winter shadows, a lovely warm campfire and you are in for a treat!

So how do you stay warm when camping in Winter?

Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Bring layers of clothes and bedding rather than one thick layer – that way you can peel them off or add them on to regulate your temperature! A good wool blanket over your sleeping bag or quilt is also worthwhile to help keep moisture from the cold air off of your main bedding.

2. Wear a beany, thermals and socks to bed.

3. Insulate underneath your mattress – a lot of the cold will come from under your mattress. Use silver insulation under your mattress in a camper or caravan or invest in good thermal self inflating mattresses if you are on the ground or a stretcher.

4. Get cosy with someone else in the bed…. nothing like a human hot water bottle on a cold night! Kids are useful additions here and if they are not an option grab a hot water bottle!

5. Create a cosy campsite – choose a good sheltered campsite from the wind but with good sun exposure to keep warm. Have a good campfire spot down wind of your camp to keep smoke controlled and make sure you have access to plenty of firewood!

We are researching 12v electric blankets as an option for our hire fleet customers at the moment and are currently waiting on a delivery – so stay tuned when we’ll review these soon!

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